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Time is too short for you to be egotistic. [Oct. 25th, 2005|04:28 pm]
[Current Mood |Broken]

I swung by my mailbox after class today and was graced with another issue of TIME. I quickly flipped open to a random page, where I was met with a photo (p 51). A coast guard had snatched an elderly African-American couple off their roof. The old lady almost looked dead, as if she had been rotting in water for weeks, just waiting. Maybe not even waiting to be rescued, but instead, to die.

I don't know why suddenly my heart has grown so sensitive to such issues. Maybe it's because I've realized just how violently they grieve God's heart. But I barely made it back to my room before my eyes were hot and stinging with tears.

We feel we should remain callous to the broken aspect of our world because there's nothing we can do about it. BUT WE'VE BEEN COMMANDED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Fortunately, I've been without excuse to give. The Muslim student association at UCSD is doing a fast during Ramadan where a company offered to donate money for every student who signs up to fast for 12 hours. The money would be donated to some sort of international poverty organization. I don't care that another "religion" is sponsoring the cause; the cause itself is beautiful and I'd be selfish if I passed it up. Someone God loves and watches 24/7 will have something worth smiling over, Something worth hoping for if I just sacrificed a sandwich.

While I was eating at The Summit (Muir college's eatery, my favorite), students offered an oppurtunity for me to help out with the victims of Katrina who've landed at San Diego. Do I have to pull out nonexisting cash from my pocket? Am I to spend a embracing each victim and offer them sleeping space in my dorm? While all of those would be good ideas, all the girls asked for was my ID number, and 10 meal points. The loss was barely visible, yet I helped someone have a meal.

I see, now, that I am without excuse to donate and help. And unlike how I was before, giving isn't even a sacrifice anymore. I've begun to realize more and more that all that I have isn't even mine. I don't OWN my possesions. To give my life to God simply means to recognize that He has full rights to give and take away anything He wills. My money is not my own, my time is not my own--even the breath that I'm breathing belongs to Him.

In giving, I'm really just returning.

During IV fellowship last week, I heard something that I don't think I could ever forget. The speaker said that if every Christian in the world were to tithe (which is to give 10% of your income) towards feeding those who are hungry, WORLD POVERTY WOULD BE ABSOLVED. The crazy part is that tithing isn't a suggestion in the bible--that's offering. TITHING is what we're SUPPOSED to ALREADY be giving if we're followers of God's word.

And last night in justice bible study, I learned that the reason why God's blessed us is so that we could bless others. This made me infuriated with America, with the church, and with myself. Why don't we give? Is it really because we are really THAT CONCERNED that the homeless man will buy crack instead of a sandwich? Is it really because you're afraid you won't have enough to eat? NO. It's because we don't trust God when He says, I WILL PROVIDE. BUT IF I PROVIDE, WILL YOU?"

We don't need anymore gigantic mega churches with basketball courts and a cafe with a wireless internet. We DON'T HAVE enough TIME to be investing in BBQs and CONCERTS and CDS.

When are we going to start investing in God's kingdom? Time is not unlimited. It just starts with us realizing that we are not our own.

[User Picture]From: krnstylenow
2005-10-27 12:27 am (UTC)
how u doing?
havnt talked to u in dayssSSSS
well i hope ur having a blast in SD
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